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is a quality product . The taste, texture and spicy make chimó El Toro one of the best. Application of Modern Techniques of Food, Industrial and Optimization of Manufacturing process ensures an excellent product.

Chimó El Toro is one of the best Chimó of the Venezuelan Andes. Everybody wants taste this product of Venezuela. This product is like a Swedish SNUS, but the Tobacco leaves are crushed and boiled for several hours. It is more antique than SNUS but It is a kind of dip becouse you must spit it out. its contained 3 mrg/gr of nicotine, made with selected ingredients to provide the highest quality product in the competitive world of smokeless tobacco and SNUS.

Its PH 8.5 alkalinity makes a very acceptable product and delicious flavor. Chimo El Toro is a Socially Responsible Company that carefully manufactures a product for human consumption.The tobacco leaves are not fermented

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